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Seattle Mariners 90s Fitted Hat (7 1/4)Seattle Mariners 90s Fitted Hat (7 1/4)
Levis 505 Jeans 2000 (36”)Levis 505 Jeans 2000 (36”)
Levis 517 Bootcut Jeans 90s (32”)Levis 517 Bootcut Jeans 90s (32”)
Nike Fleece Reversible Jacket Baby Blue/Black 00s (XL)Nike Fleece Reversible Jacket Baby Blue/Black 00s (XL)
University of Auburn 90s Puffer Jacket (Large)University of Auburn 90s Puffer Jacket (Large)
Nike 90s Big Swoosh Hoodie (XL)
White Nike 80s/90s Cardigan (Medium)
Levi’s 501 Jeans 2000 (36”)Levi’s 501 Jeans 2000 (36”)
Alabama 1998 Tour T-Shirt (Large)Alabama 1998 Tour T-Shirt (Large)
Denver Broncos Nike 90s Sweater (Small)
Gray IZOD Cardigan (XL)
Gray IZOD Cardigan (XL) Sale price$25.00
Kansas City Royals 90s T-Shirt (Medium)
Yellow 00s Cardigan (XL)
Yellow 00s Cardigan (XL) Sale price$20.00
Tie-Dye 90s T-Shirt (XL)Tie-Dye 90s T-Shirt (XL)
Tie-Dye 90s T-Shirt (XL) Sale price$15.00
Guess 00s Denim Overalls (30”)Guess 00s Denim Overalls (30”)
Sold out
Planet Hollywood San Diego 90s T-Shirt (Small)
World University Games Buffalo 90s T-Shirt (Large)
Carolina Panthers 1993 T-Shirt (Small)Carolina Panthers 1993 T-Shirt (Small)
Florida Gators 00s Nike Centerswoosh Hoodie (Large)
Lost Lake Woods Club 80s/90s Sweater (Medium)
Highwaisted Levi’s 550 Jeans 2001 (27”)Highwaisted Levi’s 550 Jeans 2001 (27”)
Gray Levi’s 80s Wrancher Pants (35”)
Truman State 80s Emblem Sweater (Medium)
Harley Davidson Hog T-Shirt (Small)Harley Davidson Hog T-Shirt (Small)
University of Missouri 80s Hoodie (Medium)
Colorado Buffaloes 90s Sweater (Small)
Oklahoma State Cowboys 90s Sweater (XXL)
Von Dutch T-Shirt (XL)
Von Dutch T-Shirt (XL) Sale price$15.00
University of Florida 80s T-Shirt (Medium)
Tie-Dye Futuristic Mickey 90s T-Shirt (XL)
Florida Gators 90s Sweater (Small)
Michael Jackson Memorial T-Shirt (Large)
Texas Eagle 1995 Sweater (Small)Texas Eagle 1995 Sweater (Small)
Indiana 80s Hoodie (XS)
Indiana 80s Hoodie (XS) Sale price$20.00
University of Phoenix 90s Sweater (XXL)
Lambs Farm University 90s Sweater (XL)
New York Giants 90s Zubaz Snapback HatNew York Giants 90s Zubaz Snapback Hat
Highwaisted White Guess 90s Jorts (27”)Highwaisted White Guess 90s Jorts (27”)
Dirty Bird Atlanta Falcons 1999 Sweater (Medium)
Slime Green Versace Jeans (34”)Slime Green Versace Jeans (34”)
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas 00s Sweater (Small)
Winnipeg Jets 00s T-Shirt (Medium)Winnipeg Jets 00s T-Shirt (Medium)
Kansas City Chiefs Flaming Longsleeve T-Shirt (Medium)
Kansas Jayhawks 90s T-Shirt (XXL)
White Levi’s 560 White Tab Jorts 90s (29”)White Levi’s 560 White Tab Jorts 90s (29”)
Kansas Jayhawks 2002 Final Four Sweater (Small)

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