Our Brand

The Trendy Trap is a brand that was founded in early 2018. We like to call it the one stop shop for everything trendy, vintage, and stylish. Our goal is to find the perfect piece for every person. We want to inspire everyone to express yourself through style however that may be. Most of our clothes are second hand in an attempt to keep sustainability as a priority.

Meet the Team

Noah Anderson

Noah founded The Trendy Trap brand in early 2018. He began his journey selling on Depop, and was able to gain 1900 over followers. He has sold over 650 different items to people all across the nation. His favorite part of thrifting is finding the perfect piece for someone and seeing the new confidence that it brings them.



Jensen Hendricks

Jensen started selling on Depop in late 2018. He has sold over 200 different items, and is excited to continue selling so that he can bring vintage clothing to everyone. His favorite part about thrifting is helping people build a new wardrobe that better fits who they are. When asked what his favorite brand to thrift is he said, "Nike fo sho".